Waterworks Partners

It is through experience, relationships, outstanding service and the finest products in the industry that we are able to achieve our company motto; Excellence Together.

Innerlynx link seals, casing spacers and corrosion protection products

Scale prevention, industrial valves, actuators, operators and accessories

Heated and insulated backflow enclosures

Wafer, globe and specialty check valves

Decorative rock enclosures and insulation pouches

Polymer meter pits and custom polymer lids

MegaLug, bell, flange and coupling restraints and flexible expansion joints

Accessible pipeline inspection robotics

The largest portfolio of actuators available on the market today

Flexible PVC sewer couplings and connection products

AWWA plug, check, air, butterfly and engineered specialty valves

Rubber expansion, dismantling joints, duckbill check and pinch valves

ABS DWV cellular core and solid wall pipe

Lubricated plug valves, eccentric plug valves and asphalt plug valves

In-PRV solution convert pressure reduction into clean renewable energy and revenue

AWWA gate, butterfly, plug, check, and duckbill check valves

Waterproof wire nuts, lug connectors and siphon pumps

Fittings, nipples & valve accessories offered in brass, MI, SS & PVC

Leak detection equipment and monitoring and pipeline condition assessments

Water quality flushing and sample stations

Water network monitoring, analytics and control to reduce water loss

AMI/AMR advanced meter solutions, residential, commercial and fire meters

Strut, mechanical hangers, fasteners, supports and pipe insulation shields

Conduit, pressure pipe

1st true hydrant re-design, UL tamper resistant fire hydrants

HDPE ditch lining systems, site saver containment systems

AWWA eccentric plug valves, gate valves and UL wye strainers

Tapping sleeves, bell encapsulation, repair clamps and couplings

Your source for services and material associated with water control and movement

Diamond cutting blades, cutting tools, beveling, coring and safety equipment

Backflow enclosures, controller and specialty enclosures

Odor control systems used in gravity lines, forced mains and air release valves

Backflows, PRVs, ACVs, Mixing Valves, Drainage, Trench Drain, and Water Quality Products

Backflow prevention assemblies and automatic control valves

Backflow prevention devices, ball valves, strainers and kits

The world’s largest supplier of strainers & provider serving the valve industry

Chemical piping and drainage solutions

Grease, oil interceptors and fiberglass storage tanks

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Excellence Together

Top 5 Reasons to Work with RepMasters

It is our Company motto and drives all our efforts.  At RepMasters, you are not simply a customer, consumer, or manufacturer.  You are a valued partner.  We know that our success is measured by your success and can only be achieved with relentless effort based on mutual loyalty and trust

With nearly two centuries of combined industry experience and knowledge, our staff prides itself on being a valuable resource and unique asset to your business.  RepMasters has provided countless hours of training, technical presentations, and on-site product support.

Our 25,000sq. ft. warehouse which carries inventory of some of the best products in the industry, along with our fully staffed warehouse and inside sales department, exemplify RepMasters commitment to investing in the framework that delivers the level of customer service that our valued partners deserve, and have come to expect.

RepMasters has thoughtfully and intentionally selected  individuals who’s skill sets complement one another. We build each other up and are invested in the success of the whole team. We take care of one another and extend that level of care to our costumers. 

RepMasters is proud to represent some of the highest quality and most well-respected manufacturers in the industry today.  In addition to product quality, our manufacturers’ commitment to service, value, and industry improving solutions are the principal characteristics of our partnership and mutual success.

Proudly representing our manufacturers in the rocky mountain region for over 35 years, with resident sales staff based in Montana, Utah, and Colorado, RepMasters remains committed to communication and support at the local level.  If there is one thing the last couple of years have confirmed, it is that there is no substitute for a handshake and a face-to-face visit.  


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